​A selection of topics on IT and its application to finance. 
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This my old web-site. I now write most things up using either GitHub or LinkedIn and as such I have not updated this site for a long while and am unlikely to do so in the foreseeable. Having said that, I'll keep it around in case someone stumbles across it and finds something interesting. I think there is still some useful information here.

Here you will find my postings on topics that are of interest to me and, hopefully, to many of you visiting. You will notice that there is a bias towards IT topics (both in general and their application to finance), which is not surprising as I have spent most of my adult life working in these fields.

Please use the menu block on the left hand side of the page to navigate to subjects that pique your interest. Topics will mainly focus ​on IT and its application to Finance including the Oracle database, the automating of market data vendor feeds, Excel/VBA and general programming tips and tricks. It would be great to hear your questions on any of these topics or get some feedback. Feel free to email me any comments, suggestions, questions or your thoughts on anything you find here by using the link that appears at the top of each page or the Contact link on the side menu.

Hello, and welcome to my site.