A little bit about me
Hi, I live and work in Edinburgh, UK. I've been desi​gning an​d developing software systems for longer than I care to remember.
For the last few years I have worked in the financial sector, mostly with large investment banks such as JP Morgan, Robert Fleming (as was) and HSBC. So it’s fair to say I have built up an extensive skill-set during this time and as you would expect most of the software I have developed has had a strong finance focus.
The main tools I use on a daily basis are the Oracle Database, Excel and VBA including advanced topics such as the use of User forms, the Windows API, backend database connectivity, com automation of third party applications such as Lotus Notes and Outlook and connectivity to financial information providers such as Markit, iBoxx, Reuters and Bloomberg via their API's. Other skills include portfolio valuation and optimisation, database design, process automation and general IT systems design and development.
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Please also check out some of the topics I cover elsewhere on my web-site which should give you a good flavour of what I am about.

​A selection of topics on IT and its application to finance. 
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