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My Published Articles

I've been lucky enough to have some of my writing published in a couple of respected newsletters - namely Oracle Scene Magazine, Oracle Professional and Visual Studio Developer. Both latter journals were published by Pinnacle Publishing and subsequently were taken over by Eli Journals. Oracle Scene Magazine is published by the UK Oracle User Group.

Links to the text of the articles are shown below. Also shown is another of my articles on HTML Applications that was nearly published but for various reasons outwith my control, wasn't.  

Hope you find these useful.  

Using PLL Libraries and Oracle Forms (.doc file format) 

​Connecting Excel and Oracle using Oracle Objects for Ole (.doc file format) 

WinAPI and VB6 (.rtf file format) 

A case study in converting an Oracle Forms 5 app to Oracle Forms 11g

Writing HTA’s or how to put a GUI front-end on your scripts (.doc format)

Automating the downloading of Market Data using excel/VBA