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 Count number of sub-strings/letters in a string

This recent post in, of all places, a vbscript forum. The questioner was given plenty of vbscript answers but I thought that since the data was coming from a database that they should use the database to do it - but how?


I need to write a script that can give me the count of a number in a field on a MSSQL 2000 database. Below is the field. It contains more than just one piece of info.This below is directly from one field in one table of my database. I need to count the occurrences of 20100 in each field like below in my table in my database. Any ideas would be more than I have to start with.


My Answer

​Use your database to do it. I don't know MSSQL but in Oracle it would be something like:-

SELECT (length(sourcefield) - length(Replace(sourcefield,search_str)))/length(search_str)
​from your_table.

Related to the above, here is a bit of SQL that will return a count of all the letters in a string.

   SELECT CHR(LEVEL+64) letter,LENGTH('AABCghdururAur') -  

   LENGTH(REPLACE('AABCghdururAur',CHR(LEVEL+64))) cnt  

   FROM dual

   CONNECT BY LEVEL < 27       


   SELECT CHR(LEVEL+96) letter,LENGTH('AABCghdururAur') -  

   LENGTH(REPLACE('AABCghdururAur',CHR(LEVEL+96))) cnt

   FROM dual