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An Interesting Date Question

I came across this interesting question recently on a forum. The questioner wanted to know how to calculate the date of every second and fourth Thursday of each month in a year. My code is a bit clunky but does the job nicely and shows yet another great use of analytics.
select * from

select mm,dd,dte,row_number() over (partition by mm order by dte) x    from
select to_char(to_date('01-jan-07')+rownum,'mon') mm,
to_char(to_date('01-jan-07')+rownum,'dy') dd ,
to_char(to_date('01-jan-07')+rownum,'dd-mon-yy') cdte ,
to_date(to_char(to_date('01-jan-07')+rownum,'dd-mon-yy')) dte
from all_objects
where to_date('01-jan-07')+rownum <= '31-dec-07'
where dd ='thu'
where x in ( 2 ,4)
order by 3,4