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Useful Links

These are the links that I use most often. Hopefully you will find some of them as useful as I have.

Ask Tom   - 'nuff said

Oracle's Home Page  - great for just about everything related to Oracle

ORA FAQ - Another great Oracle resource

Jonathan Lewis - One of the foremost experts on Oracle Tuning and Performance 

Adrian Billington - Succinct exposition of new features of various Oracle database versions

Bionic Turtle  - Some useful (and free) finance resources

Tek-Tips -  A useful technical forum covering all sorts of topics ( registration is free)

Stack Overflow - Another great technical forum resource.

Willmott Forums - if you have a question on quantitative finance, get an answer here.

Finance Train  - Another good source of - mainly free-  finance topics

Stock Prices- Just a test page I use containing a list of dummy stocks and their prices